Heavenly Scent


heavenly scent

 Heavenly Scent Therapies

 By Joanne Hammond

    Aromatherapy & holistic treatments to relax your body, calm your mind & soothe your soul.

  • Aromatherapy – Massage using essential oils to help improve both physical & emotional wellbeing.
  • Hot Stone Massage – The warmth & energies of the stones provide a meditative, calm state, helping you relax & release tension
  • Thai Table Massage – The eastern practice of Thai Massage adapted for use on the massage couch – FULLY CLOTHED. This is a deep & stretching massage that releases tension from muscles.
  • Indian Head Massage- Fully clothed treatment concentrating on the upper back, Shoulders, upper arms , scalp & face. Lowers stress levels & eases tension.


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